Project Idea

During a treatment at the physiotherapist Tobias’ cousin, Thymo Zucali attested some tense back muscles. In order to loosen these muscles again he placed four electrodes on Tobias’ back, connected these to an EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator) device and started the programme. Tobias spent the following 15 minutes twitching his shoulders constantly.

… Christopher underwent an operation at the AKH Linz (Linz General Hospital) and thereby we met again after a long time.

We immediately started exchanging the ideas we had in our minds and, lo and behold:

the “maschine-mensch” was “born”.

The idea of actually controlling a human being by means of mechanical help - and later on under the sole control of the machine - has excited us so much that we decided to do anything to realize the “maschine-mensch”.