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Over the course of development human kind has designed and constructed machines in order to use their power. The speed of the machine, how and at what time it operates, was always determined by men. At the same time though the human being has no other choice as to subordinate himself to the self determined rhythm of his machines that repeats itself in eternal monotony.

What if human is controlled by the machine he himself had created, he had become dependent to completely by himself?

What if human, the master of the machine, is from now on reduced to its slave?

What if his own will is ignored by the machine because of its irrelevance?

What if the human being is utilized by the machine as a tool? If only his muscular strength is relevant to the machine and the rest is merely regarded as insignificant, at most as disturbing appendage?

If nothing that constitutes a human being is of any relevance - neither will nor intellect?

Mankind is decreased to the mob, to working trash, to a replaceable wearing part.
“maschine-mensch” is a project that carries this basic principle to the extremes.

The project “maschine-mensch” offers an answer to these questions that can be directly experienced. It gives the direct control over the human being to a fully automatic system.

The Conveyor Belt Experiment

The experimental arrangement is an abstract production line in which three people have to accomplish sorting tasks by means of electrical muscle stimulation. In doing so, they become nothing more than tiny, insignificant cogs in the machine.
A computer controls these people, through its impulses it overrules the body’s innate neural commands – any resistance is useless.

The computer determines when and how the human beings’ limbs should be moved.
An exit from the system is not possible – burnt out modules (= human beings = wear parts) are merely replaced so as not to disturb the production process.

The machine - man relationship is perverted.